An organic, gluten-free lifestyle is best for my health and that of my family–and I’d like to share that way of life with all of you!  As a mom of six children and wife to a busy business owner, I know how important the food we fuel our bodies is.  Living a healthy lifestyle is something I am truly passionate about.

For my family and friends living a similar lifestyle, dining out is difficult.  Finding a restaurant that has a selection of gluten-free choices is not easy.  And forget about trying to find organic dining options.  

At the cafe, it is my mission to select as many organic food choices as are available.  Sometimes, getting an organic certification is a cumbersome and expensive process, especially for family farms.  My goal is to research and remain selective about our options while keeping these small farms in mind when the label doesn’t say “organic” but I know the farming methods are sustainable and healthy.

Finally, let’s talk quickly about coffee.  I love coffee. In my home, we have a custom coffee grinder and maker so we can have the freshest, most delicious coffee every single day.  While selecting coffee for my home and the cafe, I remain aware that coffee is a major commodity in the world market. The sad truth is many coffee growers are not well compensated, and many coffee farmers produce crops without consideration to sustainable farming.   At Organic Grounds, we will serve only organic, fair-trade coffees.  While I have a love for coffee, I also have a love for my neighbor and believe in the fair-trade marketplace.

Food +  Coffee + Fuel

Welcome to Organic Grounds!